CashGenius is a cash management system (CMS) that provides peace of mind for any business. The CashGenius CMS is a fireproof and secured vault to house encrypted cash cartridges (‘BRICKs’), allowing businesses to be their own bank. The CashGenius CMS is a multi-phase system that is customizable to the need of each business. Businesses no longer need to worry about transferring large amounts of cash to outside banks.

The CashGenius CMS includes a custom accounting software that enables real-time access to financial statements of cashflow, allowing management a better operating tool at hand to strategize and plan. It is an all-in-one program that incorporates touch-screen POS capability, inventory tracking system, ATM-like cash handling, and back-end accounting data compilation.

The CashGenius CMS reduces the need for duplication of records, checks and balances by duplicate manual cash counting, and limiting cash being handled by too many hands.

CashGenius is a product inspired through an accountant’s problem-solving experience in the cash handling industries.

Certain industries and commercial settings are more
cash-intensive than others.

Some industries are exclusively cash-oriented, or nearly so.  This includes, for example, aspects of the cannabis industry, based on the lack of convenient banking systems and conventions due to ongoing differences between federal and state law concerning cannabis.  In addition, many other businesses and industries involve significant use of cash, including casinos, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, festivals, carnivals, fairs, and the like.

Use of cash is a frequent source of difficulties and provides opportunities for theft or costly mistakes. One major problem is that a business owner often has to hire unfamiliar people and has to place more trust in such employees to handle cash than may be merited. Some of the solutions for this security problem have been to place cameras directly above cash-handling spaces and to have very strict regulations regarding balancing cash drawers.

Even in its best form, these approaches require significant effort in counting and sometimes recounting and adjusting for or accounting for errors in the differences between the amount of money in the cash drawer and the total tally for the day. These processes introduce numerous additional opportunities for mistake and fraud.

The main concept of the system is to treat all pieces of currency as unique items of inventory carrying valuable data.

The error and problem of prior cash-handling systems is the treatment of cash as fungible.  This creates opportunities for fraud, mistake, and theft.  Scanning technology makes it completely unnecessary to treat all items currency as fungible for each item of currency having a unique identity. Treating each item of currency as a discrete inventory item also significantly reduces the ability to counterfeit or duplicate known items of currency within the system.  All currency in a transaction can be treated as unique items of inventory carrying valuable unique data.  

An early step in any transaction is to capture the data from each item of currency into a data stream.  That data stream can further optionally be rendered secure and hackproof via blockchain or other secure technology. The system treats each item as a unique individual with a unique identity and therefore each item’s location in the system can also be tracked, whether the item is in a primary repository, a bundle within a secondary repository, or a brick; likewise the location of each bundle and each brick can also be tracked. A brick can be assembled to contain “loose” cash – i.e., cash that has not previously been packaged.