Lind’s accounting practice in the cannabis industry gave her frequent contact with clients that faced significant challenges in cash management due to the lack of proper documentation or information from the business owners directly. In particular, Lind’s clients experienced significant expense and risk due to the potential internal theft, fraud and human error.

Dale and Lind connected professionally and traded ideas about cannabis companies and the problems of cash management.


Together, they developed the idea that became CashGenius™.

Lind Mizar, MBA

Ethelind Mizar is a cannabis accountant, who has worked with the cash industry for many years. Lind is the founder of AccountingGenius & Co., and TeachGenius, Inc. Lind is also currently completing her Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) and Certificate in Fraud Examination (CFE).

Dale Hunt, PhD, JD

Dale Hunt is a patent attorney who advises companies and startups in a variety of industries, in particular the cannabis industry. Dale is also the founder of Plant & Planet Law Firm and the Founder and CEO of Breeder’s Best. Dale co-invented the Cash Genius technology and co-founded Cash Genius with Lind Mizar.